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We are a finance institution focused in helping rural communities. We finance the production of handicrafts and other products.

Behind the enterprise there is a group of young entrepreneurs concerned in improving the living conditions of the most vulnerable sector in our country: “women in rural villages”.

We started operations in 2004 as a NGO providing credit in the Native Indigenous Zone in Michoacán Mexico state, where banks didn´t give credit due to the lack of collateral as well as the distance between villages and their branches.

We have since then, expanded to many other regions of the country «Covering mainly the states of Michoacán, Jalisco and Guanajuato, giving to this day» 60,000 credits and helping 8000 low-income Mexican families

Our Target

Help poor women from rural villages to escape poverty by providing economic resources. 

Being the best alternative for indigenous women living in poverty


We have a single product designed to reduce the risk of lending without collateral.Unlike other financial institutions, we don´t give credit to individuals but to groups of people. In the villages we work, we create groups of women that support each other, reducing the risk of overdue loans.


The resources that make this work possible came 100% from a private equity; and we have set a very ambitious goal: “Be the best financial alternative for these villages».

You can support them investing your own capital and getting an interesting yield, let’s talk and explore these opportunity.

  •  A group of women is organized and create a “Center”.

  • The money is used for specific purposes such as handicraft production, home improvement or meeting basic needs.

  • The credit can be renewed and we found that the result is improving quality of life for these communities.